Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gao Xiong West Bay British Consulate | Taiwan

One of the unique experience that i had enduring the infamous Taufan which was striking Taiwan on the first few days when i was there.
Taiwan is famous for two natural disaster. Earthquake and Taufan aka 台风. The tour guide told us that they are not afraid of taufan compare to earthquake because taufan 台风 is a predictable event but not earth quake.

We were lucky that Malaysia do not have any natural disaster compare to other country but experience it for once is really cool.
Although we didn't really get in the middle of the taufan but experiencing the tail-storm of taufan is really something that was out of my expectation. We had rain for more than 24 hours and strong wind that broke my umbrella rim. Couldn't even walk well when the strong gust of wind comes.

Wave hit the coastal line and i can see tones of catastrophic event reported over the Taiwan news channel about damage and floods caused by Taufan. Thank God we didn't encounter any major problem through out our tour.

This is how it look like during taufan season. The sea is rough and there were guards standing near the coastal port forbidding anyone to go near the sea. Heaven rain and strong wind is all i face whole day. 

According to the tour guide, this is the early British Consulate and the reason why the military base is build in the port is because it is the closest to China and vulnerable to outside marine attack.
From west bay you can view al ot of huge large cargo ships entering the west port gate.

Beside the view, you can also mail postcards from the local post office from as low as RM4 only.

I found this interesting website where they do 360 view places around the world.
Click the image and you will be able to view and walk as if you are in the place.

Kaohsiung - British Consulate in Kaohsiung

Reminder: wait for the image to load to get a better view.

Hayden Chan


  1. Wow... nice photos. =]
    I wanna go Gao Xiung!! Haha... Seems like raining season? ><

  2. haha it's an awesome place. :D it was raining season when i was there last week. don't go during rainy season because it might turn into tai feng. haha