Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HDR Photoshop Tutorial

HDR photography also known as High Definition Range Photography. If you have an iphone you could probably realize that is the HDR stands for and i bet you always turn it off because HDR iphone imaging process is slower than normal mode.

While i'm in Taiwan, i manage to capture some photos and turn it into HDR with the help of Photoshop.

The trick to HDR photography is really simple. You just need a tripod and capture 3 or more different contrast tone on the image you prefer.
Because of the incapable of taking HDR with our DSLR, we require photoshop to combine all the image together and form into one HDR image.

After processing into HDR this is what i got.

Next the picture i took at West Bay over the view of the Marine Military Base and the Trade port.

Isn't that much of the different during cloudy day or i'm still not skillful enough in take different contrast picture or maybe the photoshop skill isn't good enough.

But this will get you a rough idea on HDR photography and you might want to give it a try in future.

Just try to google search HDR photography and you will be able to find tones of amazing photos by professional photoshop editors.

Have fun!

Hayden Chan


  1. nice tutorial on HDR bro. Now CS5 has the HDR functions so it's easier... thanks for sharing! :D

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. haha i'm using CS3! and it's kinda hard. you got do HDR photography?

  3. i've seen a few HDR photos by friends.. they look like photos with extra brightness and very strong contrast.. would like to do it one day, but now normal pics are good enough for me.. :)

  4. haha some HDR pictures look like art painting and between real and fake pictures. you can always take 3 kind of contrast picture if you like the view and come back to it again just to edit it into HDR in future ;)