Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Kota Kinabalu 2011 | Whiteroom Times Square

Hey guys how was your weekend last week? Did you manage to catch a glimpse of Hennessy Artistry over at Time Square Whiteroom? I remember it was just like last night. The party was awesome, people are amazing and friendly and best of all there were free flow of Hennessy Mix drinks. ;)

Finally after years of reading review from my fellow bloggers from west Malaysia attending and partying i finally got the chance to attend one Hennessy Artistry party here in KK! 

First of all i want to thank Sabah blogger for the invitation over Hennessy event. Without you i wouldn't be there partying like an animal   decent man. Bloggers from around Sabah that i have never really meet before show up for the event and they are really awesome in real life too.

As for the others that miss out the party, don't be sad because there might be another one next year but the nearest Hennessy Artistry Halo is on November over at Mines KL. You might want to check out some of the pictures i have for you here. 

On the right, Kate lee a blogger friend of mine that coincidentally got call over to KK from KL just to work in Hennessy Artistry in the Mixing Bar.

There are 4 Signature flavor drink from Hennessy. Citrus, Berry, Apple and Ginger. All four flavor drinks taste fruity with alcohol taste depend on how you mixture it up.

My favorite was Hennessy Citrus. Tasted sour with lime juice and slight Hennessy shot. 

The picture of the night goes to ..

One of the main DJ of the night besides Dj Resmonu and Dj Revee. Tones of guys were after Dj Roxy when she was on stage but lucky me i was there early and i get the chance to snap picture with her on the red carpet. Lucky me! The music hits by Dj Roxy is awesome. Don't be fool by her innocent smiling face, she can actually make everybody party like crazy. 


Even i couldn't believe my eye when i saw her perform and showing of her skill of Dj. Spectacular. 

Reshmonu is a really really friendly down to earth artist guy and easy to approach too. 

A bunch of university mates were spotted over there too. 

Kate Lee

Bloggers special reserve seat. 
Mei tzeu from  Rungitom from, Chloe lee from Sherrie from and Margaret from All of these blogger blog mostly about traveling and food in Borneo and Sarawak too. Feel free to check them out on their blog.

Awesome party and you guys be here the next time Hennessy is here again. There are a few huge event that i am always looking forward to be there. Arthur's Day, Johnnie Walker, MTV stage award and more. With this i can take Hennessy Artistry event off of my wish list wanna be there event and hopefully in future i can be in other major event.

Maybe Sabahan Blogger or Borneo Colors can sponsor us go to attend all those event right? :)

Hayden Chan

More pictures are available at my Facebook Hennessy Artistry Album 2011


  1. haha... nice event there ;) hoping to attend the next one as well ;) hehe

  2. nice HA party!!

  3. so happening!! i saw cutebun n chloe!! :D