Friday, September 30, 2011

Jellies Love

Jelly Love 2  by Hayden Chan Qing Sheng
Jelly Love 2 , a photo by Hayden Chan Qing Sheng on Flickr.
As i mentioned earlier, this picture is created with simple jellies stolen from brother and a dark background with a normal led light shining at the Jellies.

Previously i use facebook to host the pic with high resolution but lately i start to use flickr and i realized the picture quality is just amazing. Should have use flickr to host my blog pictures a long time ago.

One of the down point for Flickr is they only provide normal member 300MB per month. After you hit the limit you wouldn't be able to upload any pictures anymore.
Which mean you should think twice and wisely and upload just to be in your blog.

If you have some cash to burn off, you can also go for the upgrade version of flickr with no limit on uploading pictures.

Or maybe you can also create multiple account and obtain a larger number of space.

Hayden Chan


  1. ooo....pic host at flickr ah. Thanks. I host at blogger. No wonder la i see other people pic so nice and high resolution. Thanks

  2. haha you're blogger host also can but quality lower. plus the capacity of blogger picture hosting is limited. pay attention to the limit of it. ;) thanks for coming!