Friday, September 9, 2011

Jiu Fen 九份 | New Taipei City

Jiu Fen is located at mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City near Keelung, Taiwan. The journey from Taipei to Jiu Fen took us around 1 hour plus if i am not mistake but it is another place with different kinds of local street market foods. Every part of Taiwan is like a little food paradise.

 Although you might be able to find the same food in different places but there will always be slight difference. The history behind the name of Jiu Fen 九份 dated back to Qing Dynasty where there were nine local families and each time the shipment came they would order nine portion "九份" and later on it become the name of the place. Beside that, Jiu Fen was once fall into gold rush era around 1893 and it causes economy bloom and develop into a small town. [source] 

Things that you will be expecting here is the old market and buildings and narrow road between the shops and as usual tones of awesome food!

You will be seeing alot of tourist from Hong Kong, Korea and Japan over there. Everybody come here with the same mission. That is to eat!

Free food sample is available everywhere. Feel free to get one or two from them but try not to be greedy!
Taro ball, in Malaysia the first time i tried it was at Snowflakes SS15 and in Taiwan, it is the most common dessert around after black pearl.

I still don't get it why do they like smelly Taufu so much. You can pick your own favorite sauce from BBQ to spicy chili 

Personally, i'm a big fat of meatballs. Let it be fish, pork, beef or chicken. I will be the first to step in and try it out. 

A combination of fish and pork meatballs does look really normal but to my surprise i found balls inside balls! 

Apparently they have double layer with different kinds of meat coating one another. The meatball texture is smooth and elastic too. One of the best meatball i ever try in my life!

Next i had dorayaki ice cream. A well known Japanese snack and you can also find it in Doremon. 

Chocolate dorayaki

Spicy squid-balls. notice the lady behind the bar with red crown and huge white specs? She is the owner of the shop and apparently she is very famous because i saw alot of newspaper interview cut-out pieces stick infront of the store.

Although the cook equipment is similiar to the one we normally seen in Japanese street store. This particular squid ball is denser and fill with nothing but pressed squid meat.

And it only cost me Rm2.5

I tried on the basin seed drink and it tasted slightly sweet and sour. It's a very healthy drink and they even sell it in packets in green color. All you need to do is just add water into the seed and you can drink it straight away.

Next I have fried squid 

Bouncy and elastic. Not to forget chewy too!

Another meatball i tried before i leave. Prawn meatball with vegetable in it. 

Fresh prawn with vegetable. 

Last meal of the day goes to their famous dessert. Tau fu fa with taro ball.

You might be thinking. What is the differences between the one you had in Snowflakes and the one i had in Taiwan. Well i'm here to tell you there is not much different at all. but the only thing different is the way Snowflakes serve it and how they serve it in Taiwan.

There are alot of ways you can mix and match taroball with and for this bowl i tried on. They mix it up with taufu fa and also ginger soup.
Good for removing and reducing heaty-ness from the body.

If you are on backpack mode this might help abit. Jiu Fen Travel Tips If you are joining a tour, make sure you have this in your schedule.

Hayden Chan


  1. Oh wow! Super tempting! My sisters been planning to go Taiwan, perhaps I should tag along :)

    Rolling from A Little Piece of Heaven

  2. Nice, I keep telling myself to visit Taiwan especially for the amazing food! Now I really have to book my tickets.

  3. Thanks nikel! i love it too!
    Benjamin: better save up from now! ;)
    rolling: yes you should! it's a great place
    David: yes! you should get yourself there asap! taiwan currency is getting stronger and stronger.