Monday, September 5, 2011

Mei Nong Hakka Village 美濃鎮 | Tai Chung

About Meinong Town

Meinong is a famous Hakka Village in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. Meinong is a small town with a population of about 50,000. The Rukai aborigines were the original inhabitants of Meinong.

In 1736 Hakka settlers, drove the aborigines out to the mountains. The Hakka settlers then founded the town of Meinong. Now, 95% of inhabitants in Meinong are still Hakka.

The village is famous for it’s oil paper umbrellas. Since 1630 Meinong has grown tobacco. In the early days tobacco was Meinong’s most important crops.

The Tobacco Tower which was used to store the large tobacco leaves, can still be seen today. It is old and simple but still remains a symbol of Meinong’s agricultural culture.

Well, that is what i read before i get there and i post it up but it was rainy and we are still under the Tai Feng season.
Not much pictures was taken but we had our lunch and try the Hakka foods over there. I'm Chinese Hakka and i expect the dishes was about the same but i was wrong.

This is the good thing about following tour, you pay one cheap sum of cash and you get to travel to all the historical and highlighted places without any worried over transportation and accommodation arrangement. Each time when i hoop onto the bus, all i did was sleep and wake up few hours later at another destination to eat and shop. That's the reason i got fat over a week. :(

Anyway, here are the pictures of Mei Nong Hakka Village 美濃鎮.

This is the amount of foods i had every single day when i was in Taiwan. We were serve at least 8 to 10 dishes every main meal and there were some particular dinner or breakfast i had buffet and steamboat buffet.

Fried Yam
Crunchy and crispy yam fried nuggets. 

Steam Fish
Typical steam fish but the the sauce is different compare to our local steam fish.

Hakka Fried Mee
This is a surprise, i didn't know we hakka people got our own special fried mee. It does taste something like 'Fu jien mien' but the flavoring is not as strong as 'Fu Jien Mien'.

Chilled Steam Chicken
First i was expecting it to be hot or maybe warm but the moment i put the entire piece of chicken meat into my mouth, it was cold. I thought they serve it cold because it was cook earlier before we arrive but the Tour Lady explained that it is a type of Hakka food.

Weird, i thought Chinese people like warm and hot food. It does remind me of Japanese food thou. But anyway the taste of the chicken is still pretty nice. Something new to me i guess.

Classic Cafe

The last time you see this kind of interior design was 'Wong Fei hou' era where Kung fu people gather around drinking and the chair and table get flip over easily.

It is really great to understand and explore the history of our own culture-line and roots. Knowing them doesn't make us forget about our country but treasure our past and appreciate how our grandparents or great grandparents make their way to the country we now call home.

"Be proud of who you are"

Hayden Chan

Mei Nong Hakka Village Location