Monday, September 19, 2011

Pulau Mantanani Mission Trip Need

A week just pass by in new semester and i felt like i'm already been fighting and gearing up for the final. I use to think that 14 weeks was long but when it comes to 10th week everything will start to intensify and stress will overload until my head will burst like a watermelon got bomb by thermite

Let's just push aside Taiwan trip review and focus on something important.

On the 7 - 9 October i will be joining a group of mission trip to Pulau Mantanani located just west-north off coast of Kota Belud under my University course Food Science and Nutrition to give health check up  and also adequate supply for the community over there.

Journey to the island will not be easy. On land travel will take us roughly around 2 hours and we need to switch to boat which take around another hour to Mantanani Island. We might even encounter rough sea wave and unpredictable weather on our journey. Now i'm feeling like Captain Jack Sparrow. 

We will be giving speech and health talk to educated the locals in taking care of their health and nutrition. Children over there will be fill with knowledge and lead themself to a better and healthier life. 

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And here is where you guys come in the picture. Do you have any unwanted stuff to give away? Cloths, bag or things from your ex-girlfriend and boyfriend that you want to clear it from your house which is still usable. Please don't give me your smelly underwear because i doubt there will be anyone wanting it.

Remember, your unwanted stuff might just bring another smile and enlighten others 

As for the blogger who is interested to give away their unwanted stuff, do let me know too! because i will be featuring all blogger that give to the charity. Your deeds will be remember

If you are too far away from me, don't worry just PM me at Facebook, email or tweeter and i will give you my house address so you can send your kindness to us over here in Sabah.

Small thing make wonder. It could be your old pencil box, some pen or pencil or maybe even novel books for the kids to read. As long as it is easy to mail it, it will be great.

Remember guys, do send it all in before October!

Email me at for more information

Your help will be much appreciated! 

Giving something back to the community brought to you by
Hayden Chan

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