Saturday, September 3, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya 2011

I'm currently few thousand miles away from home at Taipei enjoying all sort of foods and visiting tones of interesting places and also different kinds of night market. I think i'm gonna gain some weight. Since i wouldn't be around to blog so i decided to leave an automated post and set it to be publish when the right time comes. 

One of the reason we all love Malaysia is we get to experience different kinds of culture and not to forget their public holidays. As a Malaysian, i would love to greet my fellow Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya. I apologize because i'm unable to attend any open houses.

Not many know that i use to be in a SMK with a minority of Chinese students when i was form 1 until form 3. The special thing was, when we were young our mind is pure without any discrimination and racist mind and strong bond were form among us.

We jump and climb every place around the small town. Discover and playing dangerous stuff like burning ant's nest and throwing stones to roof tops. Man.. those epic days are extinct these day. All my brother had is his Play Station and Astro.

Awesome friends

When i was younger, i can't speak well English and so do my Chinese. That is why when i enter new school people laugh and couldn't understand my Chinese and English but eventually i catch up and speak fluently in both of them.
 It's hard to believe that i actually  spend most of my time speaking Bahasa and hanging out around with different kinds of culture friends. From Kadazan, Sino and even Dusun. Don't assume that i don't understand a thing when you guys speak in native language. ;) 

University mates always ask me, why do i prefer dining in university having Malay foods? I guessed this explain why i always dine in University with Malay foods because i miss their tasty Malay cuisine food and i grow up having them around.

I miss you guys and hopefully next year we can catch up and gather around again. Stay healthy and safe all the time.

Hayden Chan


  1. Nice..but u dun know Bajau language lol..KB language..ahah..

  2. visit mine @ im from sabah oso ^___^

  3. hahaha >.< no i dont know BJ language at all. haha. i visited you ady! and follow you as well. :D nice blog btw.