Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sexay and I Know it! Wiggle

It's the end of my second week in university and i got another 12 weeks to go before i reach to my final exam and set sail to another traveling adventure.

If i were to tell you what i'm going through in university under this 14 weeks your jaw will drop and your eye will roll up but it's okay i save the story in future post.

How is your Air Asia traveling plan going on? I believe there are tones of people got frustrated on the promo booking period. Luckily i didn't stay up late and fight the line with you guys.

LMFAO done it again. awesome and catchy song and also wiggling video too. watch it fully then you will know what is it in for you.

Have fun during the weekend and see you guys at Hennessy Artistry! Tones of awesome picture will be there ! and say Hi to me when you saw me too! Please don't call me cameraman please, i'm there to partay ! I'm a blogger invited over there, not a cameraman that got invited over a function just to snap pictures.
Still quite prefer people calling me photographer. Sound professional.

Hayden Chan