Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall | 台北101

Taipei 101 the pride of Taiwan. Standing over 100 stories above ground i'm sure everybody know it was once the tallest skyscraper building around the world. Luck wasn't on my side that day because it was cloudy and misty and i couldn't go straight up to the top to view Taipei city.

But i guess a short post and have a tour around the building will do. 

Having natural disaster in Taiwan is one of the major problem why most of the building are not building up tall but because of the special architecture design of Tapei 101, they managed to overcome the two major problem.

At first glance, Taipei 101 shopping mall interior deisgn reminds of our KLCC Suria Shopping mall.

Offcourse, you can find nothing but expensive brand that you never even hear before in Malaysia.

For instance St John

This is the view from the top floor of the shopping mall and from here on wards, you can take a high speed lift up to the top of Taipei 101 with a reasonable fare.
But it is advisable that people with high blood pressure, pregnant or easily car sick to avoid taking the high speed lift because it can hit 60 stories easily in just few second. :S

If you have thick wallet with fill with USD dollar or credit cards this is a place for you to shop out and get the best discount and sales on branded stuff.

Hayden Chan

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall location map



  1. beautiful skyscraper ^_^ I'll visit it if I happens to be in Taiwan!