Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taiwan Street Photography

I have always been wanting to try on Street Photography and on my recent trip to Taiwan i manage to capture some street photos. Might not be interesting but it is worth giving it a look.

I remember when i first learn about street photography, it was from a friend introducing me to , a well known street photography that capture nice street photos.

This is his blog i have been reading it for the pass 5 months and i kinda get the rough idea about street photography.

Street photography is all about what you can find when you are walking around. Sound easy right? But the hard thing would be bringing up your camera up close and snap the picture of other people without getting the awkward stare. In Malaysia, i wouldn't be surprise if i got label as Pervert Photographer just because i bring up my camera and shoot at random people.

Well, anyway that's just some mindset of others and we couldn't control what other is thinking.

The picture above was taken at Feng Jia Night Market

The view of Taufan Storm coming soon.

Still figuring how to take a better street photography. Besides having the good timing and composition of the picture. I'm still wondering if it is better to get a close up person pictures by asking their permission to shoot.

I also noticed most of my Taiwan street photography pictures are about animal.Taiwanese love pets and they would bring them everywhere and hugging them like a baby.

Bringing your camera around opening up your lens to the world. Don't just snap food, snap your surrounding with tones of amazing people and event around you. You will never know what you might stumble on in your photos. 

Better luck for myself next time! and skills too. 

Hayden Chan


  1. nice pictures but it's a lil blurry. but i'm no one to judge though, i'm no good at photography. =)

  2. thanks Henry!
    emeryn: yea you have good observation and you're right too! it was due to the ISO since the weather is always cloudy and some places are dark. I didn't take my time to snap and most of the pictures are snap shoots from waist angle so i couldn't check what i have focus on :)
    and not to forget also the facebook resize imagine program. :) thanks for dropping by!

  3. i like trying the first pic.. slow shutter speed.. so far only tried once at dublin, but my hand not steady.. so quite blur..

  4. haha thanks! then maybe you need to bring a monopod? because it is smaller than tripod and easier to carry around too ;)
    the first thing i was resting the dslr on my bag. so it sort of become a support for stabilizing. ;)

  5. Really i appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge.nice photography......
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