Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yeh Liu Geo Park 野柳 | North Taipei

After traveling to almost a quarter of Taiwan, I finally make my way to the North part of Taiwan Yeh Liu Geo Park 野柳. It's a cape and it stretches about 1700 meters into the ocean and form geological push up rocks that look like different kinds of creatures and Mushroom and even human head figure !

Here you can find different kinds of rocks given imagination names such as  'Queen's head', 'Ginger rocks', 'Bee hive' and more. Personally, i believe it is all about our imagination. They might name those rock shape but from a different angle you might actually imagine something else.

Simple facts; All the rocks that you can find here are form naturally over hundred of hundred years by the impact of the sea waves on the soft layers or rock.

Take for instance this particular rocks look like a dragon head to me.

 The mobile dragon from Gunbound online game look similar to the rock above.

You can walk all the way to the end and discover more stones if you want.

Mushroom stones all over the cape.

The queen head rock. This special rock attracts tones of visitor from around the world to snap picture with. They even line up for it. Luckily i was smart enough to snap it from another angle which look pretty much the same to me. This is the stone that you must look for when you are there. 

I wonder how did the water and strong wind slip this rock apart

A fisherman statue build in remembrance of them. 

This place remind me of the tip of Borneo, Kudat. Too bad we don't have our special shape rocks. Maybe i should man made my own head figure and sneak to Kudat at midnight and place it over there. It might just work and attract tones of media coverage and visitor over there. XD

Anyway, the place is famous for it dried flavor squid.

Hayden Chan


  1. the rock shapes are really intriguing, especially the dragon gunbound monster head and the split one :)

  2. haha yes indeed! i have been wondering 360degrees just to check what other shape can the rock be. wonder how they form and why don't we have it here.