Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2AM Motivation

If he can do it, i can do it too.

The other day one of my friend ask me " what kind of meal can i have which is just 300 calories". My goodness. do you know  we actually need 2000kcal to 2400kcal per day depending on our age, and gender?
Anyway, my point is don't starve yourself just to get slim because you got your entire life go live on. Don't tell me you only feed on 300calories of food per meal for the rest of your life right?

People these day have been too worry about their calories. Stop the calories counting because your other micro nutrients are important too such as Iron, Calcium, Sodium and so on. The requirement might look little in dietary health but miss one of them, you are on your way to disaster in getting types of diseases you don't want.

To sum up! GO exercise! if you don't have time go hit the nearest jogging park or gym. Get yourself a yoga mat. Do body weight exercise which is very effective too.

Stay healthy and be awesome!
Hayden Chan


  1. I think you are absolutely right. People need to get it through their heads that there's no short cut to losing weight and getting fit. :)

  2. That reminds me it's time to start working out. I've let myself go too long, it will be a tough time trying to catch up again.

  3. Shemah. you're totally right. no short cut in losing weight :)
    lady G. don't worry! nothing is impossible . as long as you have the will. im sure you can get yourself back on track again.

  4. lol - i've been motivated to be like that for 15 years - still no results!

    1. have you visit the gym and work it out man? :)