Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4th October

4 Oct, one of my exciting moment in life. It's the time when i touch down on the planet earth 22 years ago. This year, there were no huge birthday celebration but there will be next year! I promise!  I would love to thank to hundreds of friends that greet me in facebook. Your greetings warm my heart up :)

Thanks to facebook birthday notification, i saw tones of long lost friends reappear just to greet me on my wall. No offence but i always use the notification too. heart is what matters ;)

I wish for this year is simple. Good health, improve in grades, stronger financial, train harder and get the dream body of mine.

This morning when i woke up as 22 years old guy, i felt superior and now that i'm 22 years old i can seriously give a thinking in my future life plan. Let it be in marriage, working and owning a future car or house. Best of all, i can freely travel to anywhere around the world i want as long as i got strong financial background and i don't do stupid stuff.

4 Oct also mark down one of the most inspiring moment in mankind history. After a year later of release of iphone 4. The rumored iphone 5 is actually iphone 4s. With ground breaking voice technology sci-fi we could normally seen in movies and artificial intelligent voice control over the new device.

iphone 4s does look very remarkable and ground breaking in advance technology, but nobody know how advance it is. Can our local telecommunication match up with the speed required for iphone 4s processor? No point giving a lousy slow internet speed if the device is as fast as the devil.

More to find out at 14th Oct.

Hayden Chan