Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angel light | Light Painting

Angel light by Hayden Chan Qing Sheng
Angel light, a photo by Hayden Chan Qing Sheng on Flickr.

It is a sad day for the world today because the legendary founder of Apple and Pixer Inc pass away. Steve Job you will always be remember by the rest of the world.
Funny thing was, 3 apple was offer and change mankind history.
First was Adam and now we need to wear cloths.
Second was Newton and he found gravity.
Third would be Steve the Apple Macintosh Inc that change the entire world technology and bring forward the future to us. Without him, we wouldn't be able to enjoy tones of remarkable technology these day.
I'm serious about getting an iphone some day when i'm financially strong enough.

For now, I have been always wanting to do light painting on my free time. Ever since i found back my tripod adapter and brought a new mini strong LED light. I gave it a tryout last night and this is what i got for you today.

This is what i do when i'm bored.
Hayden Chan


  1. Apples seemed to be a significant fruit for all mankind.

    RIP Steve Jobs.

  2. cool.. perhaps could try more colorful ones :)

  3. RIP Steve Job! Awesome light painting btw (:

  4. lady G: indeed! directly or indirectly. Apple inc changes the world.
    Ken: awesome idea! will do will do!
    hilda milda. rip steve job! amen. thank youu will come out with more soon