Friday, October 21, 2011

Bon Odori 2011 Japanese Culture Night | UMS

Bon Odori 2011 was a huge success! Organize by a group of passionate and high in Japanese Culture students, they manage to attract more than 2k students to attend the event on the 15 October 2011. 

Actually it was my first time attending Bon Odori. I skipped last year event and heard tones of negative comment about it. I did hesitate to attend the event at the first place but a random decision me and YL decided to check it out for the sake of our friends and my coursemate performing over there. 

To my surprise this year Bon Odori was organize outdoor and there were some small tent selling dessert, drinks and Japanese food. Best of all they also had a tent that shows Japanese culture history and we get to fold cute origami papers. :D 

The night started before we were there and i manage to see some Japanese culture performance. Reasonably well because i don't have deep knowledge about Japanese culture. The only thing i know about japanese is their food and... their infamous movie production which i believe all the male population know about it. ;)

In the middle of the outdoor area, they set up a stage. It's for us visitor to follow the japanese dance around the stage. It felt awkward in the beginning and not many follow them dancing but as the night goes on almost everybody dance in sync with the music and the dancer above. EXCEPT for me. because of my height and my untalented dancing skill, i look like a robot dancing. But hey! at least i look like madcad in Step Up 3!

Oh by the way, the kimono girls are my coursemates. Seriously surprise me because they look very passive and inactive that wouldn't dance, let alone dance in public. :S But! i'm happy for them! ;)

One of the upraising highlight of the night is the appearance of different cosplay in the event. If only i knew about this earlier i would totally bring along my LMFAO box robot head! 

At least YL is having up killing one.

This is one of the cosplayer that join the dance. 

Here comes the desserts. Angry bird with atomic bomb of sugar icing in it. 

Edible but i don't think anyone would want to eat adorable hello kitty.

Mei Yee the pink kimono girl. Best dress and suits her the most.

Pheobe in blue. They are crazy and spontaneous some times.  

Some of the other kimono girls. I give a 8/10 for the event. It's great! and it doesn't mean the event is not good but i believe there are tones of improvement and make the event to be annual event to be in Sabah. This event can easily promote Japanese culture in Sabah. Best of all, i believe it would catch everybody attention if they do huge publicity.

Just let me know if you guys gonna organize it again. I can help you guys in promoting in my blog and i will for sure be ready in my costume. :D

Good luck in future guys, i hope it is going to be larger and more happening next year.

Hayden Chan


  1. why no pics of sushi wan?? hahha

  2. aiks...angry bird also join Bon Odori kekeke

  3. Can outsiders/non-students attend this? That would be interesting.

  4. Glad u liked it ^^ - from Loud, Purple Yukata (up there)

    p/s: yes, it's called yukata dear =)

  5. Cassy: because the sushi is from sushi king so didn't bother taking their pic. hahah!
    small kucing. yesh! so cute. wonder who would eat them up. hahaha
    lady G : offcourse! it is open with just rm5 tickets! :D cheap and amazingly happening!
    craxgrl. thank you! i see! :)