Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Children Nutrition

Specially dedicated to parents or gonna be parents in future. I know my most of my readers are youngster but i believe in years to come, you will be a parent too.

You don't need to be a degree holder on nutrition or dietitian to teach others how to eat properly. Specially kids.
what i noticed most of the parent these day are using fast food, junk food or any other unhealthy food as a reward for their children achievement.
*i'm talking bout parent not touching youngster yet.

Remember the saying "Once a while it's alright?"
That is how some parent reward their children by promising to bring them to dine in any kind of fast food. Indeed food is the easiest way and fastest way to cheer a children up but it is also one of the fastest way to get them into unhealthy diet in future.

If your children is already showing sign of obsess. You as a parent should starts to control their diet.

So the next time your children get good grades in examination. Treat them with something else or bring them to watch movies or places. Don't let the habit of having fast food after an achievement become a habit.

Stay Healthy
Hayden Chan


  1. yeah true that.... it's common sense to know what to eat but i myself don't have a proper eating habit :(

  2. hahaha you my man need to join me for workout! ;p

  3. I didn't get to eat a lot of fast food as a child so I overcompensate for it in my adult years. I really need to control my intake from now on.

  4. don't give up ladyG :) you can do it. ;)