Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gone Berserk

Today was epic. Nobody want to see me go berserk, not even my own closest friends on earth would want to be in my wrath. People that look cool and calmest all time are the scariest one on particular time.

 Poslaju company you let me down badly. My only official present from someone important is now missing and in the hand of a stranger man called Ahmad stay around my housing area. I crossed check the receipt and found out there are no flaws on the sender and receiver address and it clearly shows their fault in sending parcel to the customer.

It all started when i called up the local main post office and asked whether they had got the parcel and deliver or not? and surprisingly the answer was "yes it's endorsed by Ahmad".

Who could this Ahmad be?

Tired of waiting for their feedback which i'm sure they wouldn't call me back because they didn't took down any of my details, i drive all the way up to the office and confronted the customer service.
Once arrived, i asked them to cross check for me and make sure everything is from the sender location. One of the staff even came to ask me bonus question, "Are you sure your house don't have Admad?"

Man, i gave him the deathly stare and he shut up and mind his own business.
Good lord, do i look like a guy that would have Ahmad in the family? No common sense at all.

The customer service counter guy immediately took down my contact and house address and promised me to call me after he cross check with the pos man. I gave them 24 hours to settle everything and i will return to the office tomorrow. This is how we deal stuff in Malaysia. Phone call isn't going to help much, they don't even have facebook or twitter to keep their company closer to the customer.

Shortly after i went home, i called up KL headquaters post office to make sure the item is deliver to kk and i even ask them about what is the process if the parcel is send wrongly and went missing. I'm now entitle to compensation since the parcel is send wrongly and if my parcel is damage by this stranger, i'm going to ask Poslaju to do courtesy compensation.

Feeling 'du lan' i even send them a long email to complain their service. LOL come to think of it, i can be very annoying when i'm pissed off.

Maybe it's because it is from someone important and it is my birthday present that is why i gone berserk. Too bad of all the time, poslaju have to screw my parcel up now.

Tomorrow is going to be your judgement day. I got the information right and i'm going to question how did your posman not send to the right receiver address.

Show no mercy.

Hayden Chan


  1. Luckily they didn't ask you: "Are you sure you're not Ahmad?"

  2. woaa. if they do, i m going to do a flying kick on the head ady. hahahaa