Monday, October 24, 2011

How To Determine Low Fat Product

Low fat product one of the best selected for ladies for their content. I'm sure any girls would go for low fat product if they are highly concern about their weight. Even though most of them are underweight when it comes to BMI calculation and yet they are still screaming about their weight. =.=

This is not an advertisement

Anyway, for this semester we come across a subject called Food Analysis and interestingly it taught us about nutrition Labeling and Claims that are permitted on product. 

I have been always wondering whether most of the food around us are low fat or it is just a gimmick? How can we learn to recognized real low fat product? I always wanted to make my way to the supermarket and check it out but i got the freebies from Nescafe last week so i decided to have a check whether if they are telling the true or not. The answer it simple.

Just check the food product nutrition labeling. 

According to Guide to Nutrition Labeling and Claims  by Food safety and Quality Division Ministry of health Malaysia.

Low Fat claim can only be make at 3g per 100gram (solid) 
or 1.5 per 100ml (liquids) 

Free fat is at 0.15g per 100g (or 100ml)

Fat 0.6 / 100ml

Nescafe Coffee fat content is at 0.6 per 100ml which is lower than 1.5 per 100ml free fat claims.

This is how you check if the product is Low Fat or Free fat.

Lower than 3g per 100gram (solid) or 1.5 per 100ml (liquids) Low Fat
Lower than 0.15g per 100g (or 100ml) Free fat

So each time when you see the label " Low fat or Free fat" just check the nutrition label and you will know you are having the right product.

This is just a sample of nutrition education for everyone. NOT promoting any products :)

Stay healthy!

Hayden Chan


  1. Cool! I think nescafe should ask you for a review:P

  2. Interesting facts and thanks for showing this! :)
    And low fat, normally doesn't that so good. :P


  3. ooo thats how ah....good now i know

  4. Useful info, esp for ladies. Thanks! :)

  5. Carina. hahaha! nice one. i guess they should pay me? hahaha no lar, i m just doing for the good for others. ;)

    meitzeu. haha low fat doesn't taste so good you mean? ;p hahaha i know we all love fats ;p

    Small kucing. : haha im glad that you know now ;) stay healthy!

    aly89: indeed hahaha but i believe that it is also useful for guys that is trying to lose fat too. ;)

    Thank you guys for the comment!

  6. nice to know... but im not a nescafe-can drink fan... prefer the self make one! :)