Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspirational Steve Job

Over the few days, i have been reading article about Steve Job. I never knew he had so many amazing stories to share in his life.
From 'connecting the past dots in life have some how trust that they will connect in future', to 'stay hungry and be foolish'. Every single past event in Steve's life is like a roller coaster and it was unfortunate that he had to receive the calling from Up above that early in his life.

Just like previous when he talk about before on 2005 during the speech at Stanford Graduation ceremony. Death is the greatest invention of all time, it makes way for the young and remove the old one. The new ones will replace the old one.

He will be forever be one of my greatest inspiration person in my life. ;)

Believe in yourself and believe the destiny seed planted in you is unique and meant to change the world

Now that i don't really travel around and travel only between home and university. I couldn't post up any more awesome pictures from my trip but it wouldn't stop me from blogging. I was given with wise words to motivate and inspire people and here i'm to write to everyone of you.

Time just flies and the 4th week just ended for this semester and 9 more weeks to go before everything is going to end. The intensity of heat from assignment, lab reports, midterm exam, quiz and final can be felt as close as a feet away. I'm pretty sure everybody wish to dropout from college and become like Steve Job but not everyone of us is as genius as him so i guess i'm going to stick with my plan.

Not many have known, what inspired me to study Nutrition. That i will save it for right time to reveal what inspired me from the first place. I promised you, it's gonna be shocking and awesome ;)

Be awesome Hayden Chan


  1. true bro... he's really a inspring man and he's the reason why I'm stuck with my macbook pro for almost 5 years. Apple is the great! :)

  2. hahaha. indeed he is! nobody can deliver better speech than him. i don't owe any apple products yet but i will when i get my first good paycheck when i start to work.