Thursday, October 13, 2011

Le Safran Grand Opening | KK Suria

Le Safran

Fancy French Cuisine but never had the chance to go all the way to French to try it? Here is your chance to try out modern french food and check it out Le Safran Grand Opening over at KK Suria!

Tones of offer and great deals to grab on.

For more information please head on to their facebook page at Le Safran Facebook Page.

I will be there with another famous food blogger ahbing! Never see him in person but i heard that he is really good in hunting foods around in KK and he also did numbers of compilation  Top foods around KK.

 It also seems that one of his previous post has a little bit of hint on taroball. I wonder if he is planing to bring snowflakes to KK. If he do, i'll be his number 1 loyal costumer. ;)

Hayden Chan


  1. I've tried the food there before, quite nice.

  2. Was going to write a post about it, but I lost the receipt, again!

  3. oh no! haha well better luck next time :) wallet is the safest place to keep it? :D

  4. Oh God, I can't remember the names of those dishes, I'll need to send out a search troop to find it. Fingers crossed. LOL