Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mr. Moustache Company | Preparation for EXPO Day

Our government love to put us into all types of education. They want us learn all sort of skills from soft to hard and even to mild skills which is a pretty good thing because now i'm going to experience how is it like to open up a business and i have been always wanting to set up my business. 

For this semester ( Second year), we got the chance to experience practical in opening up a store during EXPO day. It's a week of EXPO where students from all over schools of university team up and open up a store selling all sort of products, from food to handy craft. It will  be a huge event and probably anticipating more than 50 stalls? Not sure. Yet to confirm.

Anyway, we named our company Mr. Moustache and you will not believe what we have came out with.

What is the first thing that come into your mind when you read this word.

Mashed potato cone

Fascinating? Curious? Wonder how does it look like?

It's mashed potato served on cone with different gravy toppings and it look like this.

Mashed potato cone
Yes no kidding! We actually serve the mashed potato on an ice cream cone with tasty chicken/pepper toppings. As crazy as it seems, i hope this would make it into market. Do let me know how you think about this product okay? thanks :)

If i were to describe how does it taste like :  A nice combination between crunchy cone and delicious mashed potato with toppings. Smooth and soft texture on the mashed potato. Well fit on cone and it would hold up together well even the cone was turn around. 

I also took up the job for Sales and Marketing Manager for our EXPO Business Project. Using my lousy  skill in drawing i manage to come out our company logo and banner. 

Company Logo

Company banner

All those image are still in prototype concept mode and tones of improvement to do before it can be present to the public but hey you guys get to check out the sketches in prior! ;) 

Hopefully we can get some revenue from our EXPO. :)


  1. wahh!!! nice !!we shall name it hot ice cream! x)

  2. wow! not bad! i think i can sell them during my college fair too


  3. seems like a fun project! best of luck! :)

  4. Do it! And when you did, I'm coming to buy some from you. Maybe you could try using the wafer cones which is not too sweet to go with the mashed potatoes, unless the savory-sweet combination is what you're looking for.