Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Staircase Fall!

Last Sunday i just added another near death experience into my lists. I slip and fall from first floor and roll down the stair. 

As usual my part time maid came over the house and clean the house. I saw her mopping the stair and i was  about to go down after clearing my laundry. I remember i told myself to be careful because i know she is mopping the stair and it is still wet. Amazingly,  the first step i took on the stair, i slipped all the way down the stair.

illustrator image 

The moment i slipped down the stair, i am very sure this is going to be nasty and i will end up in hospital for fracturing or breaking a bone or two. I remember the moment i slip and fall i go side way and  my thigh hit the stair edge hard and i was slightly bounced off because of my well build leg athletic muscle. LOL * there is always space to brag*. 

Continue the story i slip down without hitting any major back bone or head area and when i tried to sit up to stop me from continue going downwards the stair, i end up rolling around side way and make a turn on the stair corner. Just like a huge man made ball.

Luckily the maid just finish mopping the bottom part and stop me from falling and hitting my head on the ground. :S

I stayed flat on ground for 20 second and i tried to feel every part of my body to check if there is any sprained or broken bones. I'm really lucky the other day.

There were some light bruises on my elbow and hand wrist and the thigh muscle that adsorbed the impact, it became blue black in one line shape.  


I'm still alive! Or else this blog might just become another abandon blog due to blogger freak accident. 
No worries, if anything happen i got someone to help me handle this blog. Like a Will or something.
Touch the wooooodd!

Hayden Chan


  1. well, glad you're fine. careful next time :)

  2. Hoi! TOuch wood la u!

    Horrible fall I could imagine from the way you fall. *Glurp*


  3. Gonna stick to my plan of getting a single storrey house now. =p Take care bro. The pic is super cute. XD

  4. you need to improve on your grammar and sentence structures

  5. oi you always cari maut one meh. -.- wahh if i live your life i don't know how many years my life will be shortened.

  6. Ken : haha thanks! yea have to be extremely careful.
    mei tzeu: hahaha touch wood! don't say yourself falling down! :S

    sherlyn: hahaa thanks for the pic. hehe.

    jillian : i didnt always cari maut wor! maut cari me! :s

    anon: change and review the post already :) thanks

  7. Ouch, I almost fall down the stairs that day, luckily I'm grabbing hard at the railings. I only banged my shin against the steps and it has turned a nasty shade of yellow the past few days.

    Have a good recovery, do be careful next time :)

  8. woa! lucky you!!!! thank goodness you are fine :)

    i didnt surfer anything serious and recover few days later. thanks! for the caring haha ;)