Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭風景區

Sun Moon lake  located at Yuchi Nan Tou is the largest lake in the middle of Taiwan with magnificent view of the lake surrounding. The name Sun Moon Lake was given because of the east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon. 

It was once effected by a major earth quake 921  also known as Jiji earth quake happen on 1999 that severely destroyed most of the building in Nan Tou country area. 

Ever since the, government has been rebuilding and reopen to tourist after a few years later. One of the major affected historical building is the Wen Wu Temple that was collapsed in the earthquake. 

Years later rapid reconstruction and modernize infrastructure was building and best of all they manage to rebuild Wen Wu temple.

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Luck wasn't on my side when i was there because there were haze and it was cloudy follow by drizzling rain for the entire afternoon. 

The view of sun moon lake

New Wen Wu Temple

One of the major reason Wen Wu temple was able to rebuild in faster pace was because of the local community donation to the temple. Everyone that donated to the temple will have their name written on the wall of the temple in remembrance of their kind heart.

I found this sword in the temple and it weight over 200 kg if i'm not mistaken. I wonder how did the ancient warlords use this for war. 

Outside Wen Wu temple you will be able to find their local bbq foods. 

BBQ pork

BBQ pork sausage

The differences of their food serve here is they bbq the food on a large piece of hot stone.

Be sure to check out this place when you are in Taiwan because the view here is beautiful. There is also a cable car ride but i didn't manage to get into it.

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Sun Moon Lake

Hayden Chan


  1. looks like they rebuilt everything. hungry liao...saw the sausage pic

  2. This is the first time I heard of hot stone BBQ. Looks good.