Monday, October 10, 2011

Surprise Belated Birthday Party

I finally really felt like i cross over the line of 21 and enter the 22 year old zone :) Thank you guys, i know you guys are awesome but i never knew you guys can be this sneaky and pull this entire plotted surprise party on me.

It was just a random call-out among coursemates for a normal dinner. Nothing particular about it until..
The cakes, the awesome heart warming coursemates and not to forget i finally got the heart-melting parcel.

It's my first ever surprise birthday and they seriously caught me off guard when they took out the cake. I was like. who else birthday? who is Chan? Everybody was smiling and start to surround me. then i start to realized and everything start to make sense to me.

Man, you guys not only touches my heart but also my soul. thank you guys. :')

As for Iandy, i guess he really make everybody laugh and smile all the time with this retard pose. I won't be surprise if someone would donate to him after seeing this picture mistaken him as a real retard.

Thank you once again guys.
To the single, hope you guys can find the right one and stay on with them.
To the couple, hope you guys stay strong, happy and long lasting.
To everybody, may everyone of us achieve good grades and get awesome jobs in future.

Hayden Chan


  1. Happy belated birthday Hayden! Party Play really provide such beautiful dessert? So pretty I bu she de eat le.

  2. haha thank youu!!! yes they do! you should try and eat it !