Sunday, October 9, 2011

Syarikat Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh | Gaya Street

I'm not sure why they name the restuarant "Syarikat Yu Kee" but here is where i love to dine and eat my Bakut Teh in Sabah. Many might wonder which and where on earth is the best Bakut Teh in Malaysia? I have come to a conclusion, there are no best or better Bakut Teh  but as long as it is tasty and great, every single bakut teh is delicious :)

Different from Klang Bakut teh, the one selling here have some slight taste of ginger and herbs. The soup is not as concentrated as the one at Klang Underbridge near KTM station. Offcourse different place would have different types of bakut teh and different people have different taste bud too.

Overall, they serve well and satisfying bakut teh. Nothing to complain about and worth dining in as well. 

Pic taken by iphone 4

I love iphone but it is not the time to get one yet because i'm still a student and i don't have any income yet :(

Hayden Chan


  1. This shop is always crowded, good business.

  2. haha yes! indeed! love the bakut teh over there ;)