Saturday, November 19, 2011

Every Bloggers Dream

Any blogger around in Malaysia would love to be there at least once or twice in their life to witness or awarded with Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

Now. to be blogger at their level isn't simple, they have to come out with ingenious post, attend numerous events, eat tones of food and review about them but end up they gain weight because of their post , travel around the world with a book writing down all their thoughts and collecting almost every single data from location, price and etc at every place they visited. Alternately there are also bloggers got famous of their lifestyle with tones of model picture

My vote for Hidden Gem goes to for his effort of constantly putting up hilarious,silly and some day ingenious post all the time. His effect is an example for every blogger to learn and his humor sense isn't easy to pick up by everyone.

I have been reading his blog for quite some time now and i guess he deserve it but that that guy actually told me he won't be joining =.= but at the end he receive the call from Nuffnang to join the nomination for the awards. Even nuffnang couldn't resist him for not joining.  I know he is a guy that can take up any jokes ;)

At least he knows the art of blogging. Sorry man i read too much of your blog and i learn how to edit and do prank photo.

Unfortunately the Nuffnang awards system of voting is really annoying. I need to wait 2 hours each time i vote.So! can i join and get short listed for next year? I hope they could come out with a new category. Health and Fitness so i can try to strike for that category because next year there will cool health and fitness post from me.

Can i imagine the new tagline? Hayden Chan Health and Fitness blogger. LOL
Well actually i just want to share all the health and fitness tips from what i have learn in my course and encourage others to be healthy. :)

If you don't know some of the nominated bloggers, you can always check out their link inside the voting poll.

Good luck guys!

Hayden Chan


  1. LOL. Kenwooi really did not join ah. He was nominated and got chosen to be finalist. LOL

    LOL. I saw his expression when he got the call fron Nuffnang that day. =p

  2. LOL! serious? woa then i salah faham. hahahaha i change my words already. XD
    Small kucing. he is one talented blogger :)

  3. This is really nice to see!! I love this blog very much!!