Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Introduction of UMS EXPO and Mr. Moustache

Many might not know what is UMS EXPO really about. Well it's about different groups of students from all courses such as Engineering, Food Science and Nutrition, Biotechnology, Economy school and etc forming up groups and create new products to sell during the period of EXPO.

It's also a subject  called "Entrepreneurship" which is included in every course and we have to work hard to get an A for the subject. Good thing about this subject is we get to experience how is it like to be a real entrepreneur by starting a new potential product to the market.

Like any other business kick start plan. We have to hand in proposal to our assign supervisor with complete format that include; mission, vision, objective, raw materials, product name, flyer and banner drawing, budget, profit margin, charts and rival company analysis and etc.

 Not to forget there are rules and regulation in the EXPO. We are not allow to bring in products and sell it directly to the customer, all products must be process into another new product. Eg: Nestle yogurt process it into nestle yogurt mix fruits salad. In business world term. No franchising!

After being approve by our supervisor and lecturer. We proceed to next stage, product sampling and testing.

By the way, we forged in our own cash out for this entire EXPO. We have to pay the tent rental fee, and place deposit for it. and to TOP that up, there are no electricity and water supply, and we are not allow to use plastic. Might as well just sell sand and air right? :)
But anyway, we still manage to pull it out and we create Mr. Moustache.

After weeks of brain storming we finally came out with a unique product one of the kind. Mashed Potato serve on ice cream cone with toppings. Our side food is potato egg salad but the spotlight is still on the mashed potato.

 Mr. Moustache name was inspire from the Mr. Potato mascot with a long Moustache. So we decided to go for it and coincidentally November was actually also known as Movember around world wide.  It's a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health. 

But unfortunately the moment we know about the event it's slightly late we are fully pack with our school and other assignment but we decided to share it out to everyone so in time to come, we will be able to be apart in it!

For now..

This is our simple design online banner

Our facebook page

And this is our first advertorial video.

Me and Aaron decided to do a special shoutout and invite all the university students to check us out. It was an impromptu speech and we shoot less than 10 times to get everything right but we will be featuring more videos!

Check this out for blooper video.

Can't stop laughing for the Dark Vader song because it made me imagine Dark Vader with Moustache coming down from spaceship and greet everyone.

Anyway if you're around KK on the 28 - 29 Nov. just drop by and visit us! Maps and information are all provided in our page. Real picture product is in there too. or maybe you can refer to the previous post for even more mashed potato pictures.

Hayden Chan

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