Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just In Time All The Time

I haven been watching any movies for ages due to busy busy timetable and tones of things to do in university. 

It was a great movie talking about people life being measure with time and they don't do money exchange but time. Life end when time end and every moment counts. At least the movie made me realize how important and i should appreciate the time i spend with her :) 

I wish i can see the remaining time on my arm but the we are design not to know our time so we can chose to work hard to slack around with or without regret.

Anyway, i remember watching this video few years ago about one minute fly. It's about a fly that do almost everything in the list in one minute. The video is pure creative and awesome. Check it out here.

I can't describe how busy and how stressful i'm in university. Everything just seem impossible but somehow everything get done just in time. Every day is a new challenge and random situation will pop up and i have to get ready to face it. 

EXPO is coming soon and i'm really excited about it. Hopefully we can dominate and create a first time ever customer queue up line in the university.We got a few sponsor and also affiliation company standing beside us and probably by next week we will be launching our video promotion, online banner promotion and etc etc. 

To top that up, we are also preparing for midterm exam and i just pray hard i can get at least 3 A for this semester and when this semester end i'm going to travel around and blog like i use to do again. 

But for now, I will be hiatus on and off specially nearing final exam season.

Hayden Chan


  1. wish you all the best in your exam... but in the middle, you can sneak for blog walking, else very stress leh.

  2. i wish i have that cool time on my wrist too.. haha.. nice movie anyway, enjoyed it :)