Sunday, November 20, 2011

Logos Hope is in KK!

Finally after years of waiting, the huge ship arm with varieties of books around the world is finally here. Logos Hope is a new ship replacing Doulos that came to Kota Kinabalu two years ago. I was able to get up a tour around the ship with Jeff a good friend of mine from Paraguay that works on board.

Unfortunately Jeff do not work on board anymore and  he is now back at his hometown doing his degree. :/
I hope i could visit him some day.

Anyway, this is the first time Logos Hope is here in KK and it will be here from 18 Nov until 11 Dec 2011. So don't miss the chance of visiting it!
Entrance fee is Rm1 for adult and free for below 12 years old kids.
Open at 
Tuesday - Saturday : (10am - 10pm)
Sunday (1pm - 10pm)
Monday (Closed)
28 Nov Monday (10 am - 10pm)
28 Nov Tuesday (Closed)

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  1. i went when it was in Port Klang. Worth while experience

  2. I was hoping to go visit it soon, hopefully next Sunday.

  3. i missed the one when it came to my hometown Penang.. and also the one when it was in KL. loL! won't miss the next time it comes though

  4. Small kucing : i see. did you get tones of books?
    lady G: that's great! looking forward for your post about it. :)
    isaac: aww too bad man. it will be here again in malaysia hopefully in the year 2013!

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