Thursday, November 3, 2011

Train vs Gas Tanker

14 weeks of none stop war with subjects in university and everyday look like halloween party to us because everybody look like panda and zombie. Hectic lab reports and assignment and one upcoming EXPO on November are all now on my shoulder. I was so tired that i became immune and just function like a robot.

On the bright side, it train us hardcore and when we are graduate we will become mentally tough and fit!

By the way, on the 31st of October there was a huge collision between a train and a gas tanker at KK infront of MAS airport causing a huge burst of inferno and i heard there were reported 18 casualties? Not sure.

Just like in the movie. I don't think this should be happening because there were other cases happen before and nobody take any action about it. I was told and learn that the gas tank is in the railway when the train is coming. I guess someone should have upgrade the train barrier notification system for a long time ago.
I'm not sure how is responsible about it, but they need to take proactive strategy measurement. 

My prayers goes to the unlucky victims. 

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