Friday, December 2, 2011

3 Major Events on 10th December

Out of no where, 3 major events just pop up and i think i'm going to every one of it. Now if you're staying in KK or anywhere near KK you should try to at least catch one of the event happening on 10th December.

First up
For the first time ever in KK history, ZenQ Taiwanese Dessert will be opening on the 10th Dec at Lintas on the same roll of Maybank. *Finally i can ask for a new place to hangout with friends and no more YOYO!

I know most of the people are familiar with Snowflakes brand but actually both company serve Taiwanese dessert and i will be looking forward to try ZenQ here in KK. I will be there to support Daniel from! and give him full coverage and food review because i just love Taiwanese dessert. 

Next it would be the Corona Full Moon Beach Party.

I was surprise that i receive a personal invitation from Carlsberg to cover this event. The event will be held at Tanjung Aru from 5pm until 2am. See you guys there! Thank you for the invitation guys!

Last but one least, 
KK HITZ one year old birthday bash at Chocolate factory! 

I'm still not sure whether i can make it or not but anyone in KK that couldn't make it to Corona Beach Party should definitely join the fun at Hitz KK birthday Invasion.

One week plus for you to get ready and think wisely which event to attend or maybe just attend all of it!

Hayden Chan

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