Sunday, December 11, 2011

Corona Full Moon Beach Party | Kota Kinabalu

Last weekend was EPIC LEDENDARY. I can't share much what i did during the party but to those that were there you know what i'm talking about ;) 

First thing first, a huge thank you to Corona Full Moon Beach Party for inviting me over to have fun over at their place. This is the first time i went to a beach party and i got to say it's really awesome. Unfortunately i didn't really see any other bloggers over there but the way the organizer handle social media blogger is really up to the standard.

 I think social media blogger is something new in kk and alot of people though i'm a photographer because i'm holding a huge dslr and when i told them i'm a blogger their eye just go O.o wondering what i'm talking about but trust me it's a must to invite person over at KL. Every single even there will be slots for bloggers.

Anyway, I was tour around by Mr. S introducing their small booth in the beach party from  Corona booth, Games booth, Photo Session booth and tones of other promoter girls over there personally. 
There were even free foods and drinks for me too. Thank goodness it's just Corona. 

Not to forget Chris from Think Workshop for personally inviting me over to do event coverage for the party.  I meet a few local and KL Carlsberg managers flying all the way from KL to KK just to attend the event and fly back the next day after the event. I think it must be really tiring for them but it's for the sake of fun + job and they are really friendly. Too bad i'm out of name cards and we didn't get to exchange any.

The night was hype up by Dj Eza T, Dj LizSEAN Beazzie and beat boxer KoujEe. click their name to check out their facebook page. Didn't get to take picture with them but i did get to snap their pictures. 

Friendly friendly welcomers attendance. 

Water games booth. Every guys was like lining up and try their best to hit on the target to get all girls splash and dip in water. I did get to have some free throws and i goal at the first try and the crowds go wilddd. Too bad for the girls, they had to get splash by icy cold water.

This is how i did it and they had water gun to distract you from hitting the target.

Nice ambient for party

Free Food

Full moon 

Fire breather performances

Corona Extra FTW

Jagermeifter was there too to do some promotion booth. Some say it kept European warn during winter time but i say it keep us hot here in Malaysia. Mr. Harry was really kind to give me one free shoot and it tasted really smooth and smell nice too! 

The night was hype up by Dj Eza TDj LizSEAN Beazzie and beat boxer KoujEe. click their name to check out their facebook page. Didn't get to take picture with them but i did get to snap their pictures. They can really make everybody dance and go crazy. No kidding.

Here are some of the promoters pictures of the night. How would the event be without them? ;)

Siaw Wei

Siaw Wei & Jane Ho

Mr & Chris

Me & Mr Yong

The night was amazing. I know it's a new thing for KK and only a minority of crowd wore bikinis and i even saw some guys wear jeans. Come on it's beach party! nobody wear jeans to beach. I will be expecting more next time ! I wish it we can be on par with ZoukOut event and Siloso beach party in future.

Oh by the way, it was a lunar eclipse too that night! 

Will definitely looking forward to the next beach party. For more pictures check it out at Corona Full Moon Beach Party Album. 

Hayden Chan


  1. i saw koujee :) he was my high school mate last time, hahas nice performance by him eh?

  2. woa. nice! he is awesome. ;) inhuman beatboxer.haha

  3. -___-

    Its a good event and I missed it.