Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Ah man, after all the self-lockup during the study week i complaining so much about the exam until i forget how much i have been through to come to this point to end 2011. Luckily i'm not too late to release and i just want to tell everyone to enjoy every moment of your life and never regret of what you have done or did not do  in the past. 

This is my final post of the year and 2011 was an awesome and amazing year for me. Although there are up and down through out the year but that made me stronger and looking forward to 2012.
I remember my new year resolution for 2011 was really simple. Eat, sleep, train and maybe abit of romance. 
Well God really do know how to work his way around life and the last part of the resolution was fulfilled. 

Here are some of the flash back my 2011 life. I remember it was January and i receive a simple tweet from a blogger friend of mine from KL saying she is coming to KK and i get to host her and her huge group of friends around KK. We had our dinner at German Restaurant Gunters.  Hanging out with them it's like hanging out with a group of hyper active and highly imaginative kids. Awesome friends.

Febuary was the sweetest month! because i spend my Valentines Day with some one. We were just crazy friends but a month later everything change. And yes the girl that i spend my time during valentine's day with is now my girlfriend. :) Talk about transition from friend zone to lover zone! How should i describe her? Indescribable *Girl if you're reading this don't kill me please.

On March i volunteered myself to join KK twestival. It's a charity fundraising whole wide event to help those in need and the fund are use to help the blind society in Sabah.

On April, i got a random selection after volunteering myself to do food review on Alu-Alu Gayana Restaurant by Dino. My first ever fully sponsor food review  and i'm already doing it on 5 star resort.
The food was awesome and i really give it all in to promote their place. 

A month later i get to join face to face party at ice bar! and the event was amazing. I get to meet so many artist and had tones of fun too. 

jojo struys! 

Soon after May, there was some changes on the semester break and for the first time in my life i had the longest break! it was almost 5 months! So i decided to join and represent my university for Malaysia Basketball games over at UPM. MASUM and those intensitive training session was horrible. Now i realize it is not easy to train up to professional level. The training was tremendously tiring up to a point i go hibernate for more than 10 hours. 

Team up with a group of 14 and a couch. We form a not only a basketball team but a family among us. 

Unfortunately we lose :(  and we still have great fun and traveling around there. ;)
We even get to try on Kajang Sate Haji Samurai which was below our expectation. 

I know it might sound crazy but i came back home from KL basketball games and fly back to KL another week later. and this time i was on an official traveling trip with my friend YL.
I went to Penang the land of chick foods and their food is awesome.

On September one of my wish list travel plan came truth! I travel to Taiwan and get to try tones of awesome food around.

October was the month of my Birthday but i didn't really celebrate it and not to forget my semester started too. I was paying much more attention on studying *i think compare to other semester because i want to drag my grade up. Everything went hectic and chaos again on 2 year and i can't imagine what would happen when i enter to 3rd year or 4th year. :S

I wish everyone of you there Happy New Year. You have been awesome 2011 you brought me through a series of roller coaster. Life will be tougher and tougher but most importantly we must not give up! I'm excited for 2012.

Thank you to those that have been in life, you guys inspired and motivate me in a way and off course not to forget my family too.

Well that's all from me on 2011 and i will be having exam on 4th jan , Wish me luck guys!.
p/s: I don't think 2012 is the end of the year.

Hayden Chan


  1. hi Hayden, 2011 has been bittersweet for you eh? glad that you found your loved one, and all the best in your future undertakings. happy 2012!

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  2. indeed it has been a bitter and sweet moments for me. haha thank you ! ;)