Friday, December 2, 2011

Long Lost Twin Brother

I still can't believe i cut my  hair short. It was just like yesterday where i had my fluffy hair and "Justin Bieber" look-a-like hair and i had the Astro boy spike up hair.

Before and After

One of the most amazing thing happen in my life. I cut my hair short. Which is really really unbelieveable because we all know Hayden love his hair more than anyone! Nah i'm just kidding latergonnagetkillbygirlfriend.

Anyway, i can conclude that almost everybody in the university that i know need to take a second glance before recognizing me. Some even walk pass me from the back without recognizing me. 

I'm not sure whether i look good or not but all i know is the lecture hall and tutorial class is really bright these days.

Hayden Chan


  1. new change, new start. stroll around your uni n get some attention.

  2. haha! Nice look good. xP

  3. confirm u will be the best student, if you are still in lok yuk

  4. Anne lee : LOL yea totally get alot of coursemate attention, they were all shock.
    euniceee: thank you! :D
    Lau ying : shocking to see you here. lok yuk era epic. hahaha

  5. You look really good hahaha very good change