Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Again! 2011

I realized i did make a Merry Christmas post earlier this week but it's alright i'm going to wish everyone Merry Christmas again! I remember last year i spend my Christmas eve at Singapore Ochard road and there were no celebration at all and they people over there is like cramping sardine session! Unfortunately i didn't really celebrate Christmas and spend my night at home on Christmas's eve. 

Denise my awesome good friend invited me over to have Christmas dinner at her place and i got to say this is one of the best dinner i ever had in 2011.

A Christmas dinner wouldn't be perfect without a huge turkey. In fact this is the first time i really had this much of turkey.

The turkey wing's bone is as huge as the chicken drumstick!

#satisfaction level is 100%

Low fat dessert and i'm going to make this cake after the exam.

Another hair styling product as Christmas present. This is the second present that i received and both of them are hair styling product. =.=

Felt like puking that night after all those foods being stuff into my stomach. The dinner food was awesome and i wish i can stuff eat. One of the best time of the year, hang out with your good friends and spend some quality time talking. 

Hayden Chan


  1. I'm jealous. -__-

    The video made me shed my tears. ;') Happy for both of you!

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

  2. Merry Christmas Small kucing! may you have awesome year ahead and dreams come true!
    Merry christmas to you too magdalene! thanks for dropping and wish you have an awesome new year too. ;)

    Hahaha don't jealous Meitzeu, you still got next year christmas ! :p what video ? hahaha

  3. Sorry Sorry~ I didn't know I cut & paste the wrong link here with the comment from 4feetnine. OMG

    But, I'm jelous with ur fest la.

  4. i dont even have turkey for xmas! *envy* haha hope you enjoyed the celebration!

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  5. Fish : chicken taste great too! :p thank you!
    isaac: thanks for the recommendation man. merry christmas to you!
    lady g: merry christmas to you ladyg. may your blog grow larger with the years goes by. ;)