Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prom Night 2011

One of the most anticipated event in every year and this is the only chance for everyone to dress up and have a great time with coursemates after all the tough time spending together for the entire semester. Good thing about guy we don't need to crack our head to find any shirt for the night. 

The theme for 2011 was 80-an and being one of the oldest among my course i know exactly how to dress up like 80an. A typical tuxedo would do in any era and it's one of the oldest dress code. 

We had our dinner at Shangri-la Rasa Ria and the service over there is excellent. Highly recommended by me. 

pw, betty, sw and my

Shu Wen & Jia Wen

Charmine dress remind me of Dev

The guys 

I guess that mark another semester is going to end soon and with a blink of eye 2012 is coming real soon.
and i might write another post about what i did for the entire 2011 if i'm free enough because the exam stress is just killing me. 

Good luck to every coursemate that are taking the exam, don't forget me if i'm sitting beside you. I'm sure you know what to do right? ;) 

Hayden chan

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