Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Antioxidant Berries

No matter how hard and terrible things are. One must not simply neglected their healthy diet meal.

Currently, i focus nothing by gym and spend some quality time with my friends. I'm also in a journey to get my 8 pax by this year. *this will be near impossible because i have to keep a low fat diet through out the year and the chinese new year is just around the corner! :S I'm going to make myself on par with those model!

Anyway here are some of the nutrition facts.

Strawberries and black currant berries are extraordinary high in vitamin C which is good in building collagen and forming cross linkage collagen. Laymen term good for your skin and make your skin look radiant.

Besides that, the high phytochemical properties in the fruits is to believe in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer. Not to forget they also contain vitamin E which is well known for antioxidant which reduce free radical in our body and follow by reduce risk of getting cancer.

Hayden Chan


  1. I love Strawberries! Found cheaper price from Tong Hing!!


  2. haha good! it makes your skin look radiant! no wonder your skin so nice :p