Monday, January 30, 2012

Choices in life

Every now and then, i workout like there is no tomorrow and i kept myself busy with all sort of possible things that i can find. After weeks of solitude and travel between gym and home i finally start to go out again and meet up some of my close friends again.

I realize there are a lot of options in life. Either i chose to stay home and become a couch potato or go out see the world with endless limits . But off course there are stages of recovery and there is no way of skipping it.

 Two weeks ago while i was working hard in the gym, a stranger first timer comes to the gym and talks to everyone. He seems to know everybody but everybody told me he is a bit of retard. Since he didn't bother me so i continue my workout. Long before i know, he came to me and watch me doing sit up. I know it sounds gay and strange but while i was doing sit up i gave up in the middle of 20 reps. All of the sudden the stranger smile and said: "Hey don't give up! You know there is no limit to it right?" And so there i was inspired by him and continue my sit up until 50reps. Crazy painful but worth it.

I never seen him since that day, well i guess he is just a stranger wonder around town and so happen to be in the gym that day. But anyway, i wanna say thank you for your inspiring words wherever you are because other guys wouldn't bother to motivate me in gym.

Things would have different if i chose to give up.

Hayden Chan


  1. it's good to keep fit bro.. wished I had your determination

    1. i'm sure you have it in you too! everybody have determination you just need to kick start it. ;)