Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeling Older on CNY

2012 isn't as awesome as i expect. Well that is what we all expect when 2011 is coming to an end but reality is not everyone is going to have a good kick start in 2012. Oh ya, did you guys know this year Chinese New Year is believe to be the year of water Dragon? And i guess that is one of the reason we have rain almost every afternoon during CNY.

Anyway guys, i hope you take good care of yourself because i read the news about a guy got into accident while playing fireworks. I saw the horrific picture of his head  got blow of by the fireworks on the night of reunion dinner. Eric's blog post about the news is here. Kepala Hancur Kerana Mercun  *Beware 18 above. Bloody and surreal! . The news even stated that the man just got married one month and his wife was pregnant. My deepest condolence to their family. 

This year CNY isn't as merry as it use to be when i was younger. I feel older and there are two main topic running around friends and family. " Do you have girlfriend?" and "Are you working?"
This two questions drive me crazy because i'm still not working and i don't plan to be in any relationship in degree. I can't stop feeling envious for my friends that earn few thousand but i know after i graduate i will earn as well. Offcourse this are just some of the stages in life that i have to go through and every stage of life there will be a new topic. 

Result of not shaving for 2 days. 

Annual friends reunion always felt like yesterday and one funny thing is we can never remember what we study and they will kept asking each another question about " what are you studying?" every single year! Better than nothing to talk la. 

Brother for life!

Another year to go and half of us is going to graduate and enter the working world. It doesn't look great because working is a highly repetitive routine work so i got to enjoy my study life as much as i can!

Hayden Chan


  1. Y U NO enable right click to open new page....

    Working life really sucks. But at least we get more money to spend. =D

  2. haha stil ok ok lar mei tzeu.
    j-fish. enable right click already! hahaha. i understand working life but you guys have more cash to spend lo! :)

    happy chinese new year!