Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prevention is better than cure

Another week another bad news. This is how i live my life these day and i'm immune to all sort of bad news already. I had my blood test last week and the result isn't promising. When i was 17 it was discover that my uric acid level is slightly over the max limit and doctor said if this problem persist until you're 30 then you will be at risk of having gout. I went into strict diet of low protein aka low purine and it went down when i was 21 but unfortunately i'm back to slightly above maximum line again.

Gout is a kind of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in blood and causes joint inflammation. Acute gout is a painful condition that typically affects one joint. Chronic gout is repeated episodes of pain and inflammation.

You know how older people complain they had joint pain on their fingers and leg. That's gout.

Some of the main causes of high urine acid are hereditary reasons and high intake of dietary protein as well as sugar. Some research also show that uric acid may causes memory problem.

I have no idea why a young guy like me experience such problem, but i believe it's due to my kidney problem because it is not functioning 100% and also my love for meat. However look at the bright side, it's not the end of the world yet. If i manage to pull down my uric acid level when i was 20 then i can do it again.

Here is my reducing uric acid diet. *general foods

First. drink tones of water to flush out all the uric acid from blood.

Second. Low protein diet.

  • Reduce or avoid consumption on red meat (lamb, beef, pork), internal organs (beef,chicken, pork), sardines, scallops, beans, sugary soft drinks and etc
  • Moderate consumption of white meat (chicken), eggs
  • Enjoy tones of fruits, fruit juice, vegetable, oat meals!

Third. No alcohol

Exercise do help but it produce uric acid and i believe diet will do a huge role in reducing uric acid.
I am considering of turning into vegetarian but that would an insane and drastic move.

So guys, it is really advisable to do annual blood test to know how is your health condition. Do not assume that you look normal in shape and you will be fine. There are a lot of diseases doesn't show symptom at early stage unless you really go for blood test.

Prevention is better than cure. Get your blood test done while you are still young and don't give the excuse of you're scare of the needle or what so ever reason. The pain that you endure now might just save you from future unwanted pain.

Hayden Chan


  1. I really am afraid to go for blood test and check ups. But about 3 years ago I had dengue, so i had my blood test then. So far there's nothing I HOPE! Anyhow, I like your positive attitude, which not many people has. But i think exercise should help? I don't know I thought exercise helps for almost everything. And yes if you did it then you can do it again, if you believe in God, pray, cause that'll really help as well. Wish you all the best. :)

  2. woa. that was a long time ago! but i'm sure ordinary people wouldn't really need blood test until when they hit certain age like 30 or 40 plus. :) i understand the fear of needles poking it. i was scare too when i first got it but now i'm immune to it already.:)

    yea i do gym alot and hoping it helps :)gonna pray alot haha. Thank you for your comment and support too! :D

  3. it's painful.....have to take medication for it right. Ya and avoid petai also

  4. small kucing. i can't take any medication because i only had one kidney and the other is not functioning fully. haha >.< so i'm just depending on my diet and control it while im still young. :)
    yea avoid petai too.

  5. Oh my~ Take care Chan. My dad suffered from gout once in a while. :(


  6. take care and stay healthy... very unfortunate of you to get this problem at such a young age :(

  7. mei tzeu. im glad your dad got well from it!
    simon. yea unfortunately but life still goes on! ;)
    Fish : i will probably die too if i dont have any meat :S