Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloggers Outing

If a broken wound can be cleanse with alcohol. can a broken soul be cleanse with alcohol too? *Troll face.

I guess that is why people go and drink after a heart break? Fortunately i cannot drink so i got no alcohol to cleanse anything but worry not i got friends around me.

Worry not i'm not going to drink it, even though i was very tempted.

Ever since Party Play open in town, it has been my favorite hang out place.This is our first time gather together after ages of chatting, messaging and tweeting each another online. Real time social is way better and fun. It also let us know each another better and exchange ideas and experience too. It was a random call up for gathering and unfortunately Diana couldn't make it.

First of all, i wanna congratulate Mei Tzeu for getting her own domain! She blog about foods and traveling and best of all her traffic is climbing higher and higher from day to day. Check her out at
When the time comes, i will get my own domain! and it will be

Tom the quiet and funny guy. He blog about daily lifestyle stuff just like me and he makes jokes too. I can't remember how i meet him but he has his own domain too. Check him out at

Charlotte Fong and Sherrie . I rarely read their blog so i couldn't say much about them. It's really awkward when i got caught not reading other bloggers. Bad habit of me, i don't really like to read even though i write unless it is being recommended by someone then probably i will take a look and read.

It's not like i'm insincere or something but i will try to check my friends blog more often to get to know what is up from them from now on. ;)

A fast review on my lunch, Thai style tom yam fish. The tom yam smell really nice and it is spicy at all. Probably suits the none spicy lover but as a spicy lover like me i would say it didn't strike my taste bud. The fish is fresh and it's milky. Perfect for Asian lunch.

A lunch would not be complete with a sinful dessert getaway. Vanilla ice cream berries waffle was my partner in crime that afternoon and having it just make me feel like on dope. *high on glucose. Crunchy on waffles and the combination of berries with ice cream and waffle is perfect.

It's really nice to hang out with bloggers because we all have one common interest and we can really talk and laugh all the way through. We also share tones of ideas on how to blogger better and talk gossips about other bloggers as well. I just learn that age is just 25! one year older than me! so young =.= sorry man you look like you're near 29.
Guys sure can manipulate their age like a magician. How old do i look like then?

Awesome time. Didn't had such great time for a long time already.
Hayden Chan


  1. Yayaya :D Buy one when you feels like it! :)

    And thank you! Nice meeting you all, all at one time. Maybe we should do that once in a while, some places to visit too. :) Bev & Char sure they will agree with the plan too! :)


    1. ask ah bing along! when he is back from outstation ! :D

  2. I know Tom via blogwalking, we tweeted and then met in Dec 2011. Haha and yes, he's a funny guy.

    1. haha he is an indeed a funny guy and humble too! :)

  3. LOL. Ken is 24 this year! XD
    I love our gathering and real life hang out! Fun fun fun
    Cutebun blog

    Cutebun FB page


  4. Donno how to contact you and you're not really in tweeter so come here to ask what's the plan with WenPink tonight? LOL Kindly reply me in tweeter when you read this =X

  5. follow my other twitter account ! that one is for official link only hahaha