Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Create your own weight bag and workout at home

A simple and free of charge homemade weight bag for workout when you're too busy to visit the gym. First you need to get an empty bag, plastic and sand or any other objects that can be use to fit into the bag. It can be paper, cloths and etc.

Weight bag can be use anywhere or whenever you want. Normally i use them when i'm too busy to hit the gym or i'm too tired to drive out.

For my personal weight bag, i use beach sea sand and fill it up into plastic bag. 

Weight it according to your strength. For guys starter you might want to weight it around 8 - 10kg and increase the weight as you become stronger For girls i would recommend you go for 5kg or below and workout with high repetition because it can burn more calories and produce firm muscle. 
For myself i go for 21kg because the weight i carry in gym in heavier and i don't wanna stress the bag out. 

Seal it up

Here are some of the workouts i normally do with it. There will be more tutorial coming up with different workout method. 

overhead extension triceps workout

Grip the side of the bag and hold it up right on top of the head. Slowly rise your arm above your head. I find this workout is really good because gripping the bag from the side will automatically put your arm facing forward. Unlike using dumbbell, your arm will tend to face side wards and you end up doing the wrong technique.

For girls this workout is best to burn of accumulated fat on their triceps.
For this workout you focus more on triceps. Overhead extension triceps workout in details.

Biceps curl workout

Need not introduction, biceps curl is one of the basic workout. Hold both of the bag strap and bend slightly in front because the bag tend to swing and hit your arm if you stand up right. Bending over give a concentrated workout on biceps.

Standing weight bag upright row
The main muscle being workout here is traps (trapezius). Hold each of the bag strap and pull it up right. Great in building traps muscle. For more information and details with videos you can check it out [here]

Front weight bag rise
Normally in gym they use plate or dumbbell and you can check out the details [here]. It's a workout for shoulder. Grab the upper part of the bag and rise it steadily.

Here you go! Some of the easiest way to workout at home using weight bag. Personally i think weight bag is good to sweat myself off when i couldn't make it too gym. Off course if you wanna put up some real muscle mass you need to lift heavier weight at gym.

Give it a try and start exercise today!

Hayden chan