Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy belated valentines day guys! I just came back from KL and had a wonderful time over there. Tired tones of awesome foods. Thanks to blogger friends Shannon bringing me around to try out tones of food and sucessfully making me felt like puking with all the great food stuff inside me. Now i know how she felt when i bring her around in kk to try all the food. More food review will be coming up soon. 

 Another awesome event happen when i was at Sunway was i join the rock climbing competition! it was a random plan and i climb in hoping to win the first prize RM500 but i end up without wining anything. Cool videos and pictures coming up soon too!

Anyway, i'm sure everybody had awesome Valentines day. Couples doing what they normally do. Celebrate valentines day in crowded place taking or bringing flowers around. I also saw quite a numbers of single group parties host by either a group guys and girls or full girls. Treasure your love one and never let them go if you love them. As for the newly get-together couple, accept your other half with your full hearted without any hesitation and make sure you guys are serious about it but not for the sake of giving it a try. 

 How i spend my valentines day was a mystery. However i had this song stuck in my head for the entire week when i was in kl.

Thank you Elaine! for the sweet and lovely song. You seriously take the effort of getting the song from itunes when it was release and email to a few of our close friend. I am blessed to have you as friend. :)

Too bad i couldn't meet up alot bloggers over at kl but i promise the next time i'm there i will meet everyone of them. :)

Happy valentines day guys.

Hayden Chan