Monday, February 27, 2012

Rock Climbing Experience Sport Carnival Sunway Pyramid

It was a random Sunday and i was at Sunway Pyramid walking around until a 5 meter rock climbing wall caught my attention. At that moment two things attracted my attention. first was how i miss climbing back in KK and second was the RM500 main prize.

 I started with hesitation mind. Thinking should i climb or not? because they don't provide climb shoe. If i use bare foot, it's like dragging your leg along the tar road. i doubt my leg can survive the harsh punishment on the wall. On the other hand, i doubt myself for being able to climb after 8 month of not climbing. I doubt myself for being able to go all out because of my unstable emotion. What if i fail in the climb? How i handle another failure? 

And I only had my Nike sneaker but maybe if i win the RM500 i can get a new boat shoe that i have always been wanting for. Besides, the registration fee is RM10 and i got a bag full of goodies bag!

So what made me decide to climb in the end? 

Definitely the money =.= Money is a great motivation.
Equipped with Nike shoe, hoping that i can win i was there early and waiting to climb. In my mind, how hard can this be? It's a free style climb and the one i climb back in KK is 10meter high.

My opponent was a boy around secondary school. Evil grind* however i kept myself together and go all out without any mercy. We had two rounds of 1 on 1 climbing on that day.

Before the climb,  I have been thinking too much about how to climb my way up when i was looking at other contestant and it made me too nervous. I can feel the stress but i just shut my eye and empty my mind and wait for the sign to go off. The moment the alarm went off, i just climb with one direction and one mindset.
 " I want to reach up to the top no matter what!" lucky me i won :D

The second climb was even more epic. My Nike shoe tear off and expose up like a duck mouth. *heart pain. I was this close to lose and my contender even got up to the final grip of wall already. I don't know how i did it but amazingly i manage to hop my way up to the top. You got to watch the video below to check it out.

The climbers are really friendly over there. I meet alot of climber from Shah Alam, Puchong, and etc. One of them even approach me before the competition and we talk about our experience. He told me climbing doesn't have any discrimination. As long as you got the will to climb, we will support you fully without any discrimination. 1Malaysia Faith restored.

Last but not least, i wanna thank my good friend. I am touched how far you would go to retrieve all the pictures and video even though it's very troublesome. and thank you for making it just in time to witness everything on that day. Owe you a big time.

So what happen to end? Did i won the RM500?

 Nay, i couldn't do fast enough to beat the overall time. Instead of getting the prize, i spoil my shoe and almost couldn't repair it. However, i felt great that day. I guess even i lose in the climb i still feel great because of the satisfaction of achievement getting up there to the top is awesome.

It's normal to be afraid of failure and after you fail a few times, you will get immune and eventually if you keep trying you will succeed some day.

Inspire from my life. Hayden Chan


  1. Very personal, good one Chan. :)

  2. Add oil =D
    Never give up

  3. Ur Nike shoes giving you the sign that you shud go for Duck Rice lunch and chill after the climb :P

    Great try there and best of all, it made you feel good :)

    1. hahaha. duck rice lunch. =.='' but hey thank you for the read up!