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Rumah Terbalik - The upside down house in borneo | Tamparuli

Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo Page

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From 1Borneo (A) or  From Tuaran (B)to Rumah Terbalik (C)

I heard that the project of building this house was top secret and it was only reveal last year end. Apparently from the tour i have learn that the cost of building this upside down house is about RM1million. Talk bout putting cash in good use. 

Location wise, it wasn't hard to locate because it's located just beside the road along the way to Tamparuli right before the Shell Petrol Station. The moment you saw the Shell Petrol Station you should slow your car down and tried to pay attention to the left. I though it would be hard to find but it's really easy actually. 

You can always check out their facebook page to get more details on their maps,location, opening hour and entrance price.Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo Page

Before you jump to the pictures below. Here is my simple review on the upside down house. Basically inside the house everything is upside down. I was amaze with how much effort of putting everything upside down. You just need to be there to see it all. It's the one of the kind house first in Malaysia. Not to mention there are only a hand full of upside down houses around the world and we have one here in Sabah Borneo! Anyway, they offer us tour inside the house with a side story of the house as well.

I can't describe how exactly the interior house look like so you need to be there to check it out. I think it's a brilliant idea to not let us take any pictures inside or else everything will be expose and you won't visit the place. Bottom line, worth seeing for the first time and i doubt i will be back for the second or in the near future. 

I find it weird that i got dizzy when i was inside the house. I believe it is cause by the upside down interior design. Our brain is design to see everything up right. So i guess if it made me dizzy then the interior design of the house really look realistic. I would strongly advise people to visit the place early morning before noon and on the afternoon to avoid the hot sun. Just avoid noon.

Souvenirs and snacks are available after the tour in another air condition building. I think it would be awesome if they open up a cafe that serve the famous local food Tuaran mee, Tamparuli mee or other food. Like this tourist can stay longer.

Hospitality of their staffs are at the top notch. Very very friendly. Nothing to complain of.  Fluent english spoken and i believe some of staffs understand Chinese language too.

That's all from me and thank you for dropping by! I hope you guys would make your way to the house and for more reviews about the upside down house you can also check it out at  blog.

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