Monday, February 20, 2012

Yut Kee Kedai Kopi | Kuala Lumpur

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Yut Kee address: 
35 Jalan Dang Wangi 
50100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2698 8108

Opening Hour Tuesday to Sunday, 7.30am - 5.00pm

How to get there via public transportation? 
Dang Wangi LRT station is Kelana Jaya line. You can reach Dang Wangi from KL sentral, KLCC, Kelana Jaya LRT stations and the rest of the stations which is on Kelana Jaya line. 

LRT Fee 
KL sentral to Dang Wangi route cost RM1.60 link
Kelana Jaya - Dang Wangi RM2.30 link
KLCC - Dang wangi RM2.30 link

It was just another random day in KL and Shannon decided to bring me around to try out some authentic local food in KL. If i were to travel to kl, i will definitely never know about this place because it is so isolated from the main attraction tourist area. I guess this is the place where local people always hangout. I'm not sure how to direct people from other places to here but i believe you can find their address on Google and i'm pretty sure alot of other bloggers did review on this place before. 
Moving on, The shop look old and classic giving a vintage typical Chinese interior design back to the 70-ans.  the foods are great! We tried roasted stuffed pork, pork bun 'roti babi', french toast, and their homemade cakes. Overall range of price is around Rm6 - Rm10. Read the review below each food pictures to see what i have to say about them.

Vintage classic interior design

Shannon Chow

Roasted Stuff Pork Meat

Roasted Stuff Pork

Couldn't be sure what exactly was stuff in the pork. I saw a bit of corns and peas. The slices are thin and the pork's skin is fresh and crispy. It gave out real sound of crunches when you bite it. Follow by soft and tender well roasted pork  meat. It's a real deal and perfect combination of pork.

I wish i can have it in KK!

Pork Bun 'Roti Babi'

The omelet like bun is one of the kind of food i ever tried before and it is filled up with minced up pork meat and onions. Filling and satisfying.

Inside of the bun

French Toast

Don't be fool with the typical look of this french toast. The bread is soft and their secret is on the kaya. Homemade kaya is really different from the one we had in supermarket. It may look chunky with bits of insoluble texture but once it reach to your mouth, it melts instantly giving out a mild flavor of kaya and the sweetness intensity is mild too.
Combination of both toast and kaya is perfect.

Sponge cake
Fresh from the warm, the sponge cake is mouth watery and it is moist enough.

Swiss roll

I was surprise that they kaya filling was warm. I guess kaya retain heat longer than the bread so it was still warm when it is serve to me. Definitely a must try food.

There are a lot of other foods there and i believe everyone of them is worth trying. They serve western foods too. I would love to drop by this place again in future with real empty stomach.

Hayden Chan


  1. Aiyo the roti babi very femes one! But I've not tried it before :(

    1. i didn't know how famous is it until now hahaha. you got to try it!

  2. the stuffing in the roast pork is actually pistachios. one of my fave during the weekends.

    another must try is actually the chicken and pork chops. classic homely preparation.

    1. ah! pistachios. i see. now i know. You're lucky to have it during the weekends, i couldn't even be sure when i will be there again. I hope i can try it probably another time for their chops. :)

  3. Went one time.. really nice... I love the half boiled egg... Then went 2nd time.. its not open.. so diappointed...

    1. i saw them having half boiled egg. my favourite too. should have try it next time. better luck next time of going there again :)

  4. It's so yummy looking and I want to try it next time in KL!

  5. Is it still at same old address?

    1. i'm not sure yyen because i was being tour over there. :)

  6. the pork bun is their specialty! :) i used to have this when i was younger, nowadays i seldom visit this area already

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    1. yea i see everybody is having it on their table. :) it's really nice

  7. Where is this place exactly? :o

    1. i afraid i can't exactly point out the location because i was there for traveling and i'm sure you can find the location by finding the shop name on google! best of luck! must try the food there. ;)