Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brooklyn Restaurant 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu

So i heard... There is a new Restaurant in town and their 1.1kg burger competition challenge attracted millions  numbers of brave ones to partake the challenge. 

I'm still considering whether i should take the challenge or not but you can find out more about the challenge in their facebook's page. So with the end of New York New York restaurant in 1Borneo, Brooklyn Restaurant rise and take over the location in 1borneo few months ago. The exact location is at the same roll as Secret Recipe. It was a random food hunting with family and we had Double Juicy Burger, Cape-Style Fish n Chip, Cheesy Chicken, Mud pie for dessert, root beer float and orea chocolate chip shake for drinks.

Mud Pie

I don't recall seeing Mud Pie served this way but it does resemble chocolate fondant because it is served with ice cream. The pie was shower with melt chocolate on top and cover all over the plate giving ultimate pleasure to any chocolate lover out there. Inside of the pie is a soft warm muffin like texture and the outer layer is similar to the outer layer of egg tart. Not crusty but well defined slightly crunchy texture.


Cheesy Chicken
Cheesy coated chicken could be your choice of food if you fancy melted thick chicken on your meal. Personally i think they can do better because on that night when i tried on it, the chicken was slightly over cook because the meat is slightly dehydrated but overall i would still say it's good to eat. 


Double Juicy Burger
Double Juicy Burger was my meal of the night and it didn't really reached up to my expectation because the beef patty isn't as juicy as i think and it's slightly dry that night. The texture of the meat was good enough and it's definitely 100% beef because there were small tendons in it. Never the less the amount of the meat served was generous. I couldn't finish up the beef patty and left 2 cube size on the table. Sorry for the waste of food but i tried my best. 


Orea Chocolate Chip Shake

Orea chocolate chip shake was regular and nothing much to talk about it. RM8.90

Let's sum it up. Overall the food presentation is good and the service is fast enough. The waiters are attentive, helpful and friendly. Will i return again? Maybe.

Brooklyn Restaurant Facebook Page

Hayden Chan


  1. I thought you'd be able to nail the challenge but seeing that you can't finish the normal serving, I'd say good luck if you do try.

    1. haha only brave one would go and have a try on the burger. the given time to finish the burger up is 45 minutes. so it's really huge! i still wanna live and i don't wanna kill myself yet. ":S

  2. where's your 1.1 kg burger? how much does it cost actually if i order that?

    Latest: Walk This Way or "Wok Dish Way"?

    1. nope i didn't try the 1.1kg burger. it's too big! if you were to order it , it might cost you near rm50 ? i'm not sure about the price. haha

  3. try the cappuccino mushroom soup and cabonara..taste real good..

    1. okay! definately will try those recommended foods from you :D thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. Thank you for your comments and review, Hayden. We at Brooklyn Restaurant are committed to give the best to our customers. We will look into your comments and improve further! Thanks and hope to see you again in future.

    1. hi brooklyn restaurant! thank you for your comment and i wish the best and best of luck to your restaurant. i'm sure you guys will do great in future. hayden

  5. Thank you Hayden! We will continue our hard work over here and give every customer the best experience possible.