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Kg. Mananam Food Science and Nutrition UMS Community Service 2011

First thing first i want to apologize for the delay of this post because i was suppose to blog about it last year but unfortunately it was too close to the final exam so i didn't get to settle down and blog about it. Worst of all, i cancel my participation on the charity trip last minute because i decided to stay back and revise hard on my exam. That contributed to the delay because i have no idea what to write about the charity trip at all however after 3 months of slacking and delaying i finally came out with an idea to create this post. I asked 3 of my course mates that join the trip to write their experience and share it out here with pictures as well.

Second, I want to give a huge thank you to my sponsors that contributed a total of RM210. I did mention about asking for sponsor for the charity trip last year in my blog and two bloggers and two friends responded to me. They are Sherlyn from Penang and Diana from Sabah. Sherlyn even took the effort to send me a postcard. which is really sweet of her. You're awesome. Another two sponsors are Tracie Chin from Shah Alam my senior and YL my good friend. You guys brought smile to their face. 

Fear not, We had put the money in good use. We brought stationery such as pen, pencils, erase and etc to help them in education. One small help from everyone of us, one huge leap for them in their future. Who knows they might even get into our local university in future? :)

Besides the sponsored cash, we also collected a huge amount of old cloths from friends. Thank you all for your kindness. It was heavy but the effort of carrying it is totally worth it. 

Recipe of purchase

The trip was organize by our faculty. Food science and nutrition UMS and here are the personal experiences and insight by Glennis, Charmine and Polyanne on their trip on Kg. Mananam. FYI, they are not from Sabah and they have no idea how does the rural area of Sabah look like. I'm sure it was a good exposure for them.

Glennis Leong from Johor Bharu

Glennis Leong

Through this community service, I enjoy stepping outside the university and collaborating with the community. I enjoy feeling the sense of accomplishment that I am affecting others positively. I realize that service is more than helping others. It is about being able to immerse yourself in the culture of the service and the people there. The villagers are very friendly there. They brought us fruits that planted themselves and treated us as theirs own children. I have learned the important of sharing, caring and loving to each other without counting whatever racial you are. That is one of the biggest lessons I have learned so far. To me, community service is a way of giving back. I like making people feel as though they matter and it gives me a warm feeling at the end of the day because I feel I have made a difference!

Charmaine Ho from Kuala Lumpur.

Charmaine Ho
    I was born, bred and raised in the city and never had much experience with rural areas, so I didn’t know what to expect staying in the village for 2 days 1 night. However, I was definitely looking forward to working with the kids in the village as I love being around children. The children in the village surprised me. They are friendly and fast-to-learn. One of the highlight i  enjoyed in this trip is playing games, singing and dancing with them. Watching the blanket of the stars in a wide open field and freshening up with cold river water are some of the things I enjoyed over there because these are the small little things in life which give us great pleasure and living in the metropolitan city does not allow for all these. 

Although the village may not have the most sophisticated bathroom, or a fully equipped playground to play in, but the villagers there certainly have the biggest heart and are almost always seen with a smile craving on their face. They are very friendly and also approachable. The locals were very accommodating and have helped us a lot during our programme there. They are also very generous as we were also given local fruits by one of the villagers over there. 

Though this community service programme was designed to help out the villagers by providing medical services as well as health and nutrition workshops, I think this programme has also proved to be beneficial for the committee members because I believe that it has also touched the hearts of many of us who were involved in this programme as I myself personally have gained some valuable experiences and also lifelong lessons which I will find useful in life.

Polyanne Ng from Petaling Jaya

Poly in middle left 

      I have always wanted to be a part of a community service project – Whether it is a project for the young, the poor, the aged or those who are ill. I just wanted to do good deeds. Being able to be a part of the Kampung Napagang project definitely gave me the chance to carry out one thing which was, and will always be, on my to-do list. I was under the Sponsorship department. It was hard to get sponsors, truth to be told. Thanks to my partner, Hayden, who got sponsorship from people he knows, the children in the village got to receive stationaries as their study aids. He also managed to get old clothes as donations to the people there. My project leader, Wei Shen, also helped me by getting people to sponsor the villagers tooth brushes. “Thank you” would never be enough to show my gratitude to them.


      It took us 4-5 hours of bus ride to the entrance kampong and half an hour 4-wheel drive ride to reach the village. The first thing I noticed upon reaching was that the village was undeveloped. There was no tar road from the entrance onwards to the village. It was all soil and mud. Thus this makes moving about dangerous and inconvenient when it rains.


The journey was definitely exhausting. But, upon reaching, the friendly greetings from the villagers made me forget the exhaustion. It reminded me of my purpose to be there – to serve and to make them happy. After having a late lunch, I went around the school where the project was held just to have a picture of how the place was. Firstly, I noticed that the toilets had no lights, no flushing system and it smelled terrible. The classrooms had no proper flooring. It was just woods with holes here and there, making it slightly dangerous to be on. The canteen was small and there was not much space for people to move about. I wonder how it is like for the students during recess.

          Activities started immediately that night. I was part of the team responsible on entertaining the children while their parents were next door listening to a nutrition talk. As a person who is bad with kids, I was worried when I received this assignment. But then again, I reminded myself of my purpose there. It helped me even more as more and more children came and joined us in the classrooms, singing and dancing along. The classroom was just filled with their laughter the whole time. It made me feel happy, really. The following day was an exhibition for the people there. We taught them on personal hygiene and explained to them about their education pathway.

Group pictures with the villagers

It's great to help out the need and share our knowledge with them. Too bad i couldn't make it. Hopefully i can join this year!

Hayden Chan

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