Friday, March 16, 2012

Kota Kinabalu Filipino Market Opposite Le Meridian

It was just another random outing with KK bloggers and! Our mission is to try out some of the places we  never really been to before. It's really ashame i never really dine in at Filipino market because i always had this mindset the place is dangerous and dirty but i was wrong. The place is safe and the people over there serve you with warm smile unlike any other places.

They served the freshest seafood you can find in KK and with a wide selection of cooking methods. You can find ready grilled fish, lobster, squid and stingrays on most of the grilled food stores. 

The view of the Filipino market to Le meridian hotel is really high in contrast. It's like one side you can get 5 class fine dining experience and another you can get 5 class local down to earth dining experience. We team up in 3 and explore Filipino market and we realized all the sections are well arrange and divided in sections. Fruits and vegetable one side, raw meat one side and foods another side. I think it's great because visitor can enjoy buying stuff without getting smoke from bbq smoke. 

Do not be shy to ask for the price of the food. They are really friendly.

Tall people should beware of the short canopy. It's dangerous and if you don't pay attention walking around you might hit your head into it.

The bbq fish and the bbq squid is amazing. Fresh from the sea and cheap too. The fish cost us around rm20 and the small squids is rm10. Definitely going to try it again. 

I did some search up for the origin of Bakso and it is from Indonesia and there were some debate among my friends on where is it from but ultimately it is a good Asian cuisine. The fried mee is good and i got no complain about it.

One of the main concern i had was the hygiene of the foods. I was so afraid i might get diarrhea the next day but i didn't get it. I guess i was lucky. however if you're a foreigner please becareful upon trying the foods over there.

More specific review on this place next time. You guys should check out ahbing post about the Filipino market. his post is epic and the way he quoted me is just EPIC. double the epicness.

Hayden Chan


  1. LOL...i was wondering y your head senget sebelah...its the canopy ya...

    1. yeaaa. hahaha the canopy is too low :S

  2. Ohai Hayden,

    Long time no see. Frankly speaking, I've never been to the Filipino market before either. Are those grilled tiger prawns I saw up there?

    1. hey! long time no see you :) Was starting to wonder where are you :) yea grilled tiger prawns are available over there and lobster too!
      got to try out there :)

  3. I think I should try the food over there. ;)